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We adopt a similar set of bait rules to the majority of French carp lakes. In particular, we have a rule of fresh frozen boilies only. No shelf life or preserved boilies (hookbaits excluded) are allowed. Likewise, no particle or nut baits are to be introduced to the lake except those which are prepared by us at the lake.

We offer a full bait package to our anglers. A bait order form with current prices will be sent with your booking information pack. However, as a guide, we are able to supply the following.

Boilies etc.

  • Nutrabaits Trigga
  • Nutrabaits ‘Bears Lake Special’
  • Carp Cuisine Spicy Fish

Pellets, Particles, Groundbait Etc.

  • Halibut Pellets
  • Feed Pellet
  • Hempseed
  • Partiblend with Aniseed
  • Mixed Seeds
  • Crushed Maize with Vanilla
  • Wheat with Molasses
  • Maize
  • Tiger Nuts
  • Sweetcorn
  • Lake Special Groundbait

We can also arrange for other baits such as maggots, lobworms etc. These are however, not kept in stock and must be ordered well in advance.