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Bears Lake

  • Bears Lake is a stunning mature 3.75 acres stream and spring fed lake within its own extensive woodland.
  • Depths vary from 0.5m where the stream enters to up to 3.5m at the dam end. Levels are always maintained in the lake by the incoming springs that can be seen bubbling from the lake bed.
  •  Fishing is predominantly from the western bank where the bivvies are located. Access points are, however, available around the lake and are ideal for stalking.
  •  The lake bed has a combination of clay, rock and silt.
  •  There is no significant weed or snags.
  •  There are no poisson chat.
  •  The lake has private status which means that anglers do not need to buy any form of licence, there are no seasonal restrictions and fishing is allowed 24 hours per day. 
  •  The entire property is securely fenced.
Photo of the Stream Wall below Dam Wall 1